Patrick Stewart Wants To Become A U.S. Citizen, You’ll Never Guess Why

Sir Patrick Stewart wants to become an American citizen so he can “fight” and “oppose” Donald Trump.  I have to give him one thing, at least he wants to be a “Legal” immigrant.Sir Patrick Stewart

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Conservatives are the haters? Check out this hate rant and tell me who the haters are.

Matt Terzi

Yes, this guy is a Political Satirist, but based on browsing through his articles I’m pretty confident that this is what he really believes.  Maybe he’s just overly dramatic so that his blog gets passed around like I’m doing.  Read this hilarious piece, then read below to see my point for point rebuttal. Enjoy!

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Ten Things Trump Supporters Are Too Stupid To Realize

Ok, since this is on the internet, it must all be true, but for the sake of a friendly rebuttal, here are my answers to all 10 of the talking points. Original text bold and italicized.
1. Good thing he flipped on socialist health care, he came to his senses.
2. USED to support gun control, Again, came to his senses.
3. He supported Hillary Clinton? So what, I voted for Bill TWICE!
4. Not sure why you call him an immigrant hater, the way I see it is that he’s a “Criminal Immigrant Hater”, and we all should be. As for the name change, my family changed their name also after we spent 11 months in an Italian refugee camp for 11 Months waiting for our papers to enter the US.
5. If I could be a Billionaire and speak like a third grader, I don’t think I would care much what people say. But that’s great how you disparage YOUR president. Yes, he’s your president.
6. We look like Nazis? You must be mistaking us for the Black Panthers with their hands up. People getting beat up by conservatives?? Really? Everything I’ve seen, even on CNN, it’s the tolerant Libs who will not stand for an opposing view.
7. He hates poor people, and he want’s me to vote for him even though I’m poor and don’t deserve to vote. Wait, what? What in the name of God does that even mean? And WE are third graders?
8. He’s not exactly explaining his positions. Please tell me what politicians exactly explain their positions?
9. He won’t keep us safe. Well, as far as I know, he has so far. What evidence is there of him being capable of thinking strategically and intellectually? What evidence is there that he’s not? Matt, you just admitted that you play lot’s of video games, NOW I know where you get all of your information which qualifies you to write this article.
10. Trump lies to us constantly. I’m sure everything out of his mouth is a lie. Actually, I don’t think he’s even CAPABLE of telling the truth. Anyone can take ANY statement and turn it into a lie. If you HATE someone so much, you have convinced yourself that everything that person says is a lie.  
And WE’RE the haters.

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