Madness finds its way into the State of the Union Address

Pelosi at State of the UnionSweet Jesus, where do I begin?  With President Trump’s approval ratings slowly creeping north, a brilliantly crafted State of the Union Address, a handful of first year successes, including the lowest African American unemployment rate in the HISTORY of the United States, the hard core Liberals are going out of their skulls.

If you can’t even clap for the unemployment accomplishment, which is great news all around, you really need to get your head examined.  This is what I mean by the sheer HATE that some people have towards the president and conservative ideology.  God forbid someone sees you clapping at a Trump State of The Union Address.

There is so much great material, there is no way to get to it all.  Luckily others (who write much better than me), wrote about it, and there are some gems.

I think this beautifully supports my theory which I wrote months back on TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Since there are so many examples of people stomping their feet like kindergartners after SOTU, I’ll just list a few below which are great reads. Enjoy!

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Keith Olberman named poster child for TDS by loonsinpolitics

It’s a double edged sword when you give somebody like Keith Olberman real estate on your website, but I couldn’t resist the title of his video “Is Donald Trump a Russian Agent?”  If this guy isn’t a poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome, also known as TDS, I don’t know who is.

He probably fits into three or four of the Loons categories, but the hairy knuckles put him over the top for my U or D (Unhinged or Deranged) category. He certainly has all of the characteristics to be in the White Hair Journos category as well.

I hate to link these psychos to my site because it plays right into their “click” strategy, but you have to see this guy’s videos, or at least look at the titles if you need a good laugh.  The sad thing is that most of the far left people I know actually feel this way also.

I just don’t get how you can so absolutely lose your mind with hatred, that you actually can’t think rationally any more.  I’ll also say that about the far right.

I’m a conservative, but I can see the line where it starts to get a little loony and I stay away.  Maybe if I were consumed with hatred, I would be spewing out stuff like Keith Olberman.

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If you HATE President Trump, you have Trump Derangement Syndrome

Most liberals will tell you that they don’t “hate” President Trump, and I’m sure a lot of them don’t. However, some of the anger and vitriol that comes out of the mouths of some people is so deep seeded, that there is no other explanation other than plain HATE.  It is called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Is he perfect? NO. Has he done some questionable things in the past? YES, haven’t we all?

Did I like President Obama as POTUS? No. Did I hate some of his ideologies he pushed on us? Yes, but I didn’t hate HIM. I can separate the difference between politics and the person. Sure there are people in the world who are truly evil, President Trump and former President Obama are not one of them.

As I state in my About page, Conservatives and Liberals are wired differently and I gave up on trying to figure out how we can be so different. I just accept that we have different thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc.

For some, the only thing that makes them feel better, is to hate. As for me, I’m lazy and it takes way too much energy to hate or not get along with people.

You have to read THIS Op-Ed from the LA Times of all places.  A great piece on Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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Isis goes Hollywood – WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT

Is anyone surprised by this?  The mental midgets in Hollywood will stop at nothing to try and make themselves relevant.  What do you get when you combine your true beliefs, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and a shock factor?  You get noticed, certainly not for your talent but for the repulsive, hate mongering clodpole that you are.  Here is a perfect example.


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Maxine Waters an MTV award presenter, how exciting (eye roll)

Maxine WatersWait, why am I talking about the MTV Awards show?  Oh yes, because Maxine Waters presented the “Best Fight Against The System” award.  Yes, Maxine Waters, named one of the most corrupt members of congress by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).  Full disclosure, I’ve never heard of “CREW”, but let’s go with it.  Here’s the story if you’re interested.

Maxine calls Trump an illegitimate President and will work tirelessly until Trump gets impeached (she doesn’t know for what yet).

Ms. Waters is a treasure trove of wacky quotes, thoughts, and ideas.  Check out some of her gems listed by Human Events Mag.

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What scientists, Bernie? The ones who are handsomely compensated for their work?

Bernie and the DonaldIs there any end to this nonsense? Fine, so the climate is changing! Big deal, it has probably changed a billion times over the course of the earth’s life!  Here, THIS looks like some interesting reading.  YES, we all want to keep the Earth clean and breatheable and “cool”, but you can’t have my money to do it!  If there was a Fu**ing meteor the size of Manhattan barreling our way, and we had two weeks to stop it, and ALL of the scientists agreed, then TAKE MY MONEY to pulverize it with a nuke or two!  THAT would be an imminent threat.



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Barbara Streisand says that Trump is Making her gain weight

Babs looking like TravoltaI seriously doubt that Donald Trump is making Barbara Streisand gain weight.  Could it be the fact that she can’t keep her pie hole shut?  Can someone please tell me why anyone would take her opinion on politics seriously?

Check out the picture.  Is it me or does she look like John Travolta with long hair?

Here’s the story.

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Conservatives are the haters? Check out this hate rant and tell me who the haters are.

Matt Terzi

Yes, this guy is a Political Satirist, but based on browsing through his articles I’m pretty confident that this is what he really believes.  Maybe he’s just overly dramatic so that his blog gets passed around like I’m doing.  Read this hilarious piece, then read below to see my point for point rebuttal. Enjoy!

Click here to read the article

Ten Things Trump Supporters Are Too Stupid To Realize

Ok, since this is on the internet, it must all be true, but for the sake of a friendly rebuttal, here are my answers to all 10 of the talking points. Original text bold and italicized.
1. Good thing he flipped on socialist health care, he came to his senses.
2. USED to support gun control, Again, came to his senses.
3. He supported Hillary Clinton? So what, I voted for Bill TWICE!
4. Not sure why you call him an immigrant hater, the way I see it is that he’s a “Criminal Immigrant Hater”, and we all should be. As for the name change, my family changed their name also after we spent 11 months in an Italian refugee camp for 11 Months waiting for our papers to enter the US.
5. If I could be a Billionaire and speak like a third grader, I don’t think I would care much what people say. But that’s great how you disparage YOUR president. Yes, he’s your president.
6. We look like Nazis? You must be mistaking us for the Black Panthers with their hands up. People getting beat up by conservatives?? Really? Everything I’ve seen, even on CNN, it’s the tolerant Libs who will not stand for an opposing view.
7. He hates poor people, and he want’s me to vote for him even though I’m poor and don’t deserve to vote. Wait, what? What in the name of God does that even mean? And WE are third graders?
8. He’s not exactly explaining his positions. Please tell me what politicians exactly explain their positions?
9. He won’t keep us safe. Well, as far as I know, he has so far. What evidence is there of him being capable of thinking strategically and intellectually? What evidence is there that he’s not? Matt, you just admitted that you play lot’s of video games, NOW I know where you get all of your information which qualifies you to write this article.
10. Trump lies to us constantly. I’m sure everything out of his mouth is a lie. Actually, I don’t think he’s even CAPABLE of telling the truth. Anyone can take ANY statement and turn it into a lie. If you HATE someone so much, you have convinced yourself that everything that person says is a lie.  
And WE’RE the haters.

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