Dan Rather is teaching WHAT?

Dan Rather

CBS News anchor Dan Rather got “scooped” on his second to last day as anchor of the CBS EVENING NEWS. Ben and Jerry’s created a new flavor called “A Farewell Scoop” as a tribute to the newsman’s numerous news scoops during his 24-year career as anchor of the CBS EVENING NEWS. The Vermont ice cream company sent their newest flavor to the Broadcast Center in NYC. “We thought it fitting for a newsman whose fed us so much information over the years,” Ben and Jerry wrote on the label. “May your ice cream bowl always runneth over.” Cr: John P. Filo/CBS copyright 2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc. all rights reserved

Sweet Jesus in Heaven, just when you think you’ve heard it all.  I wonder if he’s going to talk about his experiences, or do as I say and not as I do? Or both!
Dan Rather teaching ‘Truth in the News’ course!
I kid you not.
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