Joy Reid, Genius or completely out of touch with reality?

 Joy Reid Not All There

Joy Reid is the same imbecile who made the retarded face on the Bill Maher show when Ann Coulter said that Trump has the best chance of winning the nomination for the GOP.

This moron, and I hate calling her a moron because I think she either has a serious mental problem, or is a self marketing genius, tweeted this today:

Here’s the article on the Free Beacon and click here if you want to read a really good take on her lunacy.

This is another perfect example of why I started this blog.  It’s stated in the very first paragraph of the About Loons Page.

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For Those Of You Who Use Jimmy Kimmel To Get Their News

Jimmy Kimmel With Baby

I’m not sure if Jimmy Kimmel actually believes everything he says on his show to be factual, or he’s so deranged and filled with hate that he doesn’t care.  He went off on the new proposed, about to pass tax bill the other night, and according to the piece below, it is filled with inaccuracies.  I haven’t checked it, but feel free to do the research yourself and tell me if I’m the one who needs their head examined.

I guess Jimmy subscribes to the belief that if you say something over and over, people start believing it. Sadly, most who watch his show believe it the first time and the hate gets fueled.

Click to read article

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Celebrities, Politicians, Journalists, Snowflakes Laugh at Trump’s Chances

This is priceless.  A montage of Loony Toons making fun of Trump before the election.


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