Sean Spicer Gets Verbally Attacked By Psychopath Woman at Apple Store

Your lightning cable breaks as usual and you decide to go to the local Apple store for a new one.  You just landed one of the coolest jobs on earth, you’re feeling good, you find your cable, and some psychopathic woman starts screaming at you.  What ever happened to “Hi I don’t agree with your politics, but how about a picture?”

I can’t figure out if this succuba is deranged or PMS-ing.  Apparently women can’t control their hormones before their menstrual cycle.  Is this true?  If it is, would anyone feel safe putting a woman in higher office?  I wouldn’t, especially because menopause hormones are ten times worse.  Please don’t ask me how I know.

Wow, did that go on a tangent.  I apologize if anyone got offended, it wasn’t intended to be sexist sounding.  It did give me an idea for another Loons Category.


Anyway here’s the video of that nut case attacking Spicer.


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