Mammals shrink due to global warming, yes it’s a story.

(Florida Museum of Natural History, illustration by Danielle Byerley via AP)

The first sentence in this piece says it all for me.  “Global warming shrank certain animals in the ancient past, and scientists think it could happen again.”  Did anyone notice the words “ancient past”?  It’s EXACTLY what I’ve been preaching about the climate change argument.  The Earth warms, then it cools.  It’s been doing it at least since it rendered the Neanderthals null and void.  You can read about that as part of my Climate Change category description HERE.

It looks like this originated on the Associated Press (shocker), but I’m going to share the link to where I found it, The Mercury News. Yes, the world renowned Mercury News.  It amuses me.  I have to give them props where props are due, kudos to the Mercury News web designer, it’s a really nice looking site.  Here’s their link to the story Shrinking Mammals.  This is not an endorsement, but you should check out their home page, it’s very nicely laid out.

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