John Stossel gets it, and he nails it in this piece

After I saw a report that Al Gore want’s to extricate $13 Trillion from the globe’s nations to fight the sham he calls Global Warming, I came across John Stossel’s op-ed on the Earth Day Loons. YES, $13,000,000,000,000.  Count ’em, 12 zeroes!  They should just give ME the 13T, and I’ll fight global warming until the cows come home.  I will distribute it as I see fit.  No worries, none of my friends or family will get any contracts.  Contracts for what?  Well, there will have to be a global police force assembled.  That’ll be expensive.  How about the temporary relocation of polar bears and penguins?  You know, the ones who are clinging to life on a tiny piece of floating ice in the melting arctic.  Of course we would have to build a solar, wind, geo-thermal powered climate controlled habitat for these poor animals.  Just to get us over the hump.  I’ll let you know when we’re ready to wean them back to nature.

One of the good guys
Anyway, enough of my crappy writing and read this guy’s article, it is right on the mark.

John Stossel: Earth Day resurrects cockamamie warming claims


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