About Loons

Every day when I venture into the news, whether it be digital, print, TV or radio, I see or hear at least one imbecile who says something SO outrageous that I say to myself, “he or she can’t possibly believe that is true”.  Every. Single. Day.  They are either so politically deranged, or I hate to say it, but there has to be an element of mental illness involved.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m perfect, and I do lean to the right for the most part, but I think I have a pretty good grasp on reality.  Are all of my ideals, perfect, no.  Do I make mistakes from time to time, yes, but some of the things I see just make me scratch my head.  I try to analyze and understand the person, even try to put myself in their shoes, but sometimes it’s so out there that only like-minded people nod in agreement. This isn’t only politicians, it’s their followers too.

I really don’t know how this site will evolve, only time will tell.  My first thoughts were that a blog would be a good outlet.  Then I thought it would be fun if I injected some satire into it.  Then I thought, why does it only have to be politicians?  There’s lot’s of material out there, it practically writes itself!

There is no way I can keep this completely balanced, because like I said, I lean right, and I see things differently than those who lean left.  However, when I see a conservative loon, and there are plenty of them, I will most certainly give them a headline.  I also encourage my liberal friends to nominate any loons who they see fit.  No promises that I will put it up, but if you give me some good material, I will gladly credit you for it.

Of course I would like to keep this site cordial.  You will have an opportunity to comment on all of the posts. You don’t even need to register.  And best of all, it’s free!  The reason you might want to register though, is that it will offer a better experience on the site.

You can click here to read all of the policies for our site.  While you’re at it, you might as well read the War and Peace equivalent of our Privacy Policy.

I am not a writer, so things will sound retarded from time to time (perfect for the theme), therefore I will try to use lot’s of pictures.  Sometimes you don’t even need words.

WARNING: This site is mostly opinion based and does not intend to discriminate against any person, race, creed, sexual orientation, nationality, political affiliation, disability, and whatever we may have missed.  Let’s put it this way, no one is safe from getting roasted here.

One more thing, of course we will be exercising our first amendment right to freedom of speech, so if you don’t like it, as much as we would like to continue to torment you, you’re one click away from your safe space.

I hope you enjoy the site, if you see any racist, sexist, homophobe, anti-semitic, or just nasty comments, please let us know and we will take proper action. Click here to report a problem.