Look how cute, the new grads are expressing themselves at Notre Dame during Pence speech

I’m tired and kind of in a foul mood, so my apologies in advance for the rant and possible vulgarities that I’m about to bestow upon you.

As I watched the VP deliver the commencement speech at Notre Dame, I noticed the mental midgets walk out of their own graduation ceremony for some selfish, entitled, bullshit reason. I bet most of these little assholes don’t even know why they walked out. IT’S YOUR F***ING COLLEGE GRADUATION!

When you grow up, which I doubt you ever will, you will realize that you can’t ALWAYS get what you want. A normal person would have given the Vice President of the United States the courtesy of listening and basking in the glory of graduating from a pretty darn good school. No one says you have to like it, no one says you have to clap. Just sit and be respectful, that’s how adults do it.

How about the rest of your graduating class, do they not matter? Is it all about you? You didn’t have it your way so you took your ball and went home? Grow up you imbeciles. I really feel sorry for you when you actually have to go to a job. Are you going to walk out when your boss tells you to actually work? To produce? Under pressure? No safe spaces? Future leaders of our country? That really scares me.

OK, now to what I really wanted to write about. In the picture below, look at the buffoon, standing with ITs back to the VP. Does IT not realize that IT looks like a complete ASS? The reason I call it an IT is because I have no idea what IT is.

All the time, energy and effort IT must have expended to get a front row seat just to make a selfish spectacle of ITSELF. I guess its all about IT. No one else matters. Oh, and just try to have an opposing opinion. Opposing opinion? Forget it, my opinion doesn’t count, I’m a sexist, racist, homophobe, xenophobe, acrophobe, agoraphobe, technophobe, chromophobe, computerphobe, claustrophobe, and any phobe that I’ve missed.

Well, now I feel better except for one thing, I really hope “IT” is not a person who is getting ready to perform sign language.

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Celebrities, Politicians, Journalists, Snowflakes Laugh at Trump’s Chances

This is priceless.  A montage of Loony Toons making fun of Trump before the election.


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College Loons

The college students of today seem to be very fragile. Don’t hurt my feelings, I need a safe space, the professors need “sensitivity training”. These kids are not capable of weighing opposing ideas, or of changing their minds when they are confronted with evidence that suggests that they are wrong.

Many of them have the idea that you could be a full-fledged American adult while also demanding shelter from the turmoil of adult life in America. These students do not want to feel uncomfortable or offended in any way, and they want their school administrators to guarantee this!

Look at this pathetic college student throwing a tantrum because sSpoiled Snowflakehe didn’t get her way.  Is there any chance of her holding down a job for any length of time?


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