Snoop Dogg Makes A Special Video for President Trump, It’s Precious


Ah yes, another gem from the brain surgeons in Hollywood.  Not sure if this imbecile is a racist, uninformed, high, or mentally ill.  I’m thinking all of the above.  Made a new video where he rants as usual and towards the end he pretends to shoot the president.


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Barbara Streisand says that Trump is Making her gain weight

Babs looking like TravoltaI seriously doubt that Donald Trump is making Barbara Streisand gain weight.  Could it be the fact that she can’t keep her pie hole shut?  Can someone please tell me why anyone would take her opinion on politics seriously?

Check out the picture.  Is it me or does she look like John Travolta with long hair?

Here’s the story.

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Patrick Stewart Wants To Become A U.S. Citizen, You’ll Never Guess Why

Sir Patrick Stewart wants to become an American citizen so he can “fight” and “oppose” Donald Trump.  I have to give him one thing, at least he wants to be a “Legal” immigrant.Sir Patrick Stewart

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George Takei: How ‘America First’ puts many of us last

This guy is absolutely out of his gourd comparing Japanese-American Internment camps to Trumps travel ban.


“I remember that day when American soldiers came … and ordered our family out.”




Source: George Takei: How ‘America First’ puts many of us last

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I hate to give her exposure but…

This is too good not to share.  This Michael Moore look-alike lunatic is unhinged.  She says that Trump is mentally unstable.  Look in the mirror you Hobgoblin.  Her twitter feed is priceless. Just filled with lunacy.  Click to see the hilarious nonsense

Sorry, but I came across this image and I couldn’t stop laughing.


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