The Anti Semetic, Anti U.S. UN Is At It Again

United NationsAlthough I’m not sure what category this belongs in, but the United Nations certainly has all of the LOON-atic credentials.  The UN is the entity which should be condemned. Condemned right out of New York.

The Daily Wire is reporting that the “U.N. Wants to Condemn Israel for ‘Inhumane’ Acts Against Palestinian Read more

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Is this kind of talk productive? I cant see how it is, but what do I know?

Loretta Lynch Spewing Hate

Is there any chance that this lady is a racist?

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Patrick Stewart Wants To Become A U.S. Citizen, You’ll Never Guess Why

Sir Patrick Stewart wants to become an American citizen so he can “fight” and “oppose” Donald Trump.  I have to give him one thing, at least he wants to be a “Legal” immigrant.Sir Patrick Stewart

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Mentally Ill or Just Outrageously Self Promoting?

Chris Hayes Full RetardAh, Chris Hayes. Wow, does he really believe this stuff, or is he just promoting his book?  I’m not even going to list any excerpts, there’s just too many.  This guy either has some serious mental issues or is a brilliant businessman promoting a book.  The stuff he says is mind boggling and no sane person could possibly believe his jibber. Click to read article, but be prepared for your head to explode.

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My Favorite Anti-Loon of All Time

Well, what can I say.  Smart, gorgeous and Conservative.

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George Takei: How ‘America First’ puts many of us last

This guy is absolutely out of his gourd comparing Japanese-American Internment camps to Trumps travel ban.


“I remember that day when American soldiers came … and ordered our family out.”




Source: George Takei: How ‘America First’ puts many of us last

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This girl nails it! Brittany Hughes on Snowflakes

Brittany Hughes is amazing. She explains how ridiculous these Snowflakes have become. These are my sentiments exactly, but she explains it much better than I would.  The “Great Generation” must be rolling in their graves. God help the future of this country.


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No one more lefty than Rachel Maddow

Rachel is one Lib that gets under every republican’s skin.  No doubt she is very intelligent and well spoken, but there is something just not right with her.  That is why I think this is delicious. Enjoy.


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“If you breathe air, drink water, eat food,…

“If you breathe air, drink water, eat food,take medicine, or in any other way interact with the courts, this is a very bad decision.”  That is what this dingbat said about Neil Gorsuch, the nominee for the Supreme Court last night on CNN.

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