The Anti Semetic, Anti U.S. UN Is At It Again

United NationsAlthough I’m not sure what category this belongs in, but the United Nations certainly has all of the LOON-atic credentials.  The UN is the entity which should be condemned. Condemned right out of New York.

The Daily Wire is reporting that the “U.N. Wants to Condemn Israel for ‘Inhumane’ Acts Against Palestinian Children” Click here to see the article.  Really?  Now I know some of you will say that it’s Israeli propaganda, but I have seen enough specials and documentaries and have read a dozen books on the IDF.

They go way above and beyond to not hurt women and children, especially children.  Often, they put their own lives at risk so that they don’t hurt a child.

So, to the UN, congratulations on becoming a permanent member of Loons in Politics.

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